About us

About Company

Nature of Business : Manufacturing, Additional business: Trading
Company CEO : Pulkit Badaya and Harshit Badaya| Year Of Establishment : 2016

Machinery and infrastructure : As mentioned above, we are equipped with the best quality machines made by the highest quality of Stainless Steel grade: LPG Roaster, Peanut Peeler, high quality grader, P.U. Sheet conveyor for manual sorting.

We have built an export house of 11000 sq. Ft. made up of RCC at a premier Location VKI Area at road no 6 in jaipur on National Highway 11. We are also equipped with the highest quality of engineers maintaining the highest quality of products.

Pros of our technology :

(1) Our complete machine is made of Stainless Steel by which no iron impurity will be clubbed with material.

(2) Quality will be uniform as our heat mechanism is consisted of latest LPG technology.

(3) We support GO GREEN moto as we are not using any conventional method of fuel which makes our future more brighter.

Legal :

TIN.No. 08321670959.

We are one of the leading Processor in Agro Products Supplier in India. With the cutting edge technology and vast domestic network, we have established a reputed name in the market. Our Premier Products include Roasted blanched Peanut, Roasted blanched peanut (split), roasted Lin Seeds and High Nutrient Roasted Peanuts in India.

Our Vision

The vision of our company is very clear to spread happiness around us and maintain a sustainable environment with the finest quality by adapting the latest food technology and increase the Demand of Online Shopping for Agro Products in India.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide highest quality of food, to innovate the food technology and most importantly satisfy our prestigious customers.